Applegate Stables


AppleGate Stables is excited to announce that we will now be offering Photonic Red Light Therapy!

What is Photonic Red Light Therapy?

Photonic Red Light Therapy is the activation of acupressure points throughout the body to aid in healing, pain relief and an overall sense of well-being. It can help with: 
- Acute/physical injury
- Viral infections
- Bacterial infections
- Scar/Chronic injury
- Illnes/disease/acupoints
- Pre/post-surgery

Photonic Red Light Therapy is NOT meant to be used as an alternative to traditional veterinarian medicine but in conjunction with it as it can help improve the results. Each treatment is geared towards your individual horses needs and requirements based on their current condition and desired level of work.

There are so many reasons to give red light therapy a try!  Such as:

  • To help your horse feel their best!  Red light initial assessment gives your horse a voice on a much deeper level than what they tell you day to day.  Horses are stoic by nature, they have to be to survive in the wild!  Red light therapy goes on a much deeper intimate level with your horse allowing us to know what meridians within the horse may be bothering them.  This can be anything from internal problems, emotional problems, muscle/soft tissue problems or joint problems.  Red light asks questions of your horse similar to when you go see a specialist for pain.  Trigger points are activated and assessed in accordance to the level of intensity that your horse gives for an answer.  Once assessed we develop a treatment plan in accordance to what you as the horses owner and rider have brought up as well as what your horse has told us.  By touching certain points (trigger points) along the horses body in correlation to another set of points (activation points) we can determine if there is a spot of concern on a dermal level or sub dermal level.  So many horses, even ones who just sit in a paddock have pains we have no idea about and the look of relaxation takes over them as relief is given to these areas.


  • Red light therapy can assist in behavioral problems.  Working off of acupressure points from Chinese medicine is different than our traditional western forms of medicine.  The Chinese work off of 12 ‘meridians’ which are each connected to an organ but have multiple activation points that assist with many more symptoms than what you would expect.  The bladder meridian for example runs approximately a hand width down the horse’s side from their spine.  This meridian holds the association points for the alarm points to find out if an illness is dermal or subdermal.  It helps with many different issues such as back, shoulder, neck and stifle problems.  By using the alarm points and the association points together we can relieve a substantial amount of pain resulting in a much happier and healthier working partner.


  • Red light therapy can relieve and even at times heal bacterial and viral infections (such as West Nile!), colic symptoms, and more!  By bringing blood flow to important healing areas to help dispel negative bacteria it has been PROVEN to reverse West Nile within 24 hours if caught and treated on time!


How do the treatments work and what are the best plans of action to get the full benefits?

  •         Before any point work is done the weaknesses and concerns expressed by the rider and owner are discussed.  Everything from concerns regarding digestion, lameness issues, which side the horse performs better and which side are they weaker on, behavioral problems and habits to previous injuries, experiences and concerns. 

  •         Keeping note of that information a basic assessment is carried out.  This assessment gives us a quick idea of concerns and symptoms the horse has by activating and touching certain points along the horse’s body.

  •         Next by compiling all the information received by rider/owner and the horse a treatment plan is created.  Various points and meridians are used to create an overall sense of wellbeing and to help start up some areas of the horse’s body that may not be working at full capacity.  You will see reactions immediately while points of concern are being activated.  Anything from a twitch, a step away, a raise in the horse’s head, they may turn and look at the area you are working on, they may even try and kick.  Once the areas are beginning to release you will see a lowering of the head, licking and chewing, sighing etc.  These reactions are similar to other methods of therapy such as massage and acupuncture.

  • After the initial treatment it can take up to 24 hours for the meridians and points to really start correcting themselves.  Another 24 hours before you start to notice a difference.  Two to three days after the initial visit there should be a follow up visit to once again bring note to the horse’s body that these areas need to be addressed to continue healing.  On this follow up visit the same points are activated as the initial visit.  Then again this should be repeated in another two to three days.  This process should be repeated for an initial two weeks then it can be tapered off to once a week for a couple weeks then once every two weeks as maintenance.

  • Each point is activated for 10-30 seconds.  On the first few initial visits activation time on average is the full 30 seconds.  These first visits are to restart portions of the body that are not working as they should and require more time to get the blood flowing to the areas.  As the assessments are carried out each visit may be shorter depending on the horse’s reaction.  On average each treatment, especially the initial treatment, last for an hour on average.  Some horses may require more time, some require less, and it all depends on how much the horse is needing.


How much does treatment cost?

                Treatment costs $60 per session within a 30 mile radius of Fort Worth.  Travelling outside of this area is certainly available.  Please contact for an exact cost for outside of this area.  The more horses there are the more discounted it will be!

                To encourage people to take full advantage of the benefits of following through with an entire treatment plan, there are monthly prices which have a set amount of treatments prepaid for the entire month.  AFTER the initial treatment month per horse, these prepaid treatments can be used on any horse within the facility that has successfully completed the initial treatment month.  This is a great offering for training facilities or boarding facilities with multiple horses as let’s face it, some horses are more maintenance than others so being able to have the ability to switch horses around who require more treatment can be very beneficial for both the horse and our wallets!  The monthly plans are as follows:

6 sessions for $300 (savings of $60)
12 sessons for $600 (savings of $120)
18 sessions for $880 (savings of $200)
24 sessions for $1,140 (savings of $300)


Please feel free to contact me at any time for further questions and to book appointments.