Listed: 07/04/2014

Pheobe is a 6yr old registered Halflinger who came to us June 26, 2014.  She is currently in training to be backed and will be available for sale or lease once we have put 60+ days on her.  I can tell you though, she is a very sweet, kind hearted mare who does not have a mean bone in her body.  She is learning the ropes of her new life quite quickly and seems to remember the previous lessons well.  Stay tuned for further updates on Pheobe!

BREED: Haflinger 
DOB: 2008

Oscar is a 12 year old 15.1h quarter horse who is owned by one of our boarders.  Oscar and his mom are looking for someone to enjoy and love him just as his mom does.  Oscar has done it all, from hunter/jumpers to dressage to hunting to AQHA shows.  He can be a bit full of himself so we are looking for an experienced rider looking for a horse to enjoy.  Just flatting at this time, jumping may be possible down the road.

BREED: Quarter Horse
PRICE: $250
DOB: 2002
BREED: DWB cross
DOB: 2006
LOCATION: Troy, Ontario

Listed: 07/04/2014

Bean is a coming 10 year old Dutch Warmblood cross.  She is not available for sale or lease but is available for part board!  Bean has schooled up to 2nd level dressage, shown walk trot but LOVES to hit the trails.
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Listed: 10/30/2015

BREED: Welsh
PRICE: 15,000us
DOB: 2006
LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas
​Just Wait

Danny is a coming 10 year old welsh gelding.  He stands 14.2 and is an absolute dream to work with.  Currently schooling 2nd level dressage yet would make an excellent hunter pony!

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BREED: Paint
DOB: 02/14/2010

Listed: 10/28/2014

​Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Harley is a coming 3 year old purebred paint colt.  Currently stands 14.3 I suspect he will finish around 15.1 with a stock type build

BREED: Thoroughbred
DOB: 2009
LOCATION: Palgrave

Listed: 10/30/2015

Prospect Lake

Lake is a coming 5 year old, unbacked, Thoroughbred mare.  She currently stands 15.3 and is looking for a partner to start a new career with!

Horses For Sale

Remmy aka Remmington is an 8yr old 

14.3h morgan who is looking for someone

to share her talent with.  Currently schooling 

all laterals w/t in a soft, light, round frame

while correctly working from behind.  We are working on balancing her canter to then continue with her laterals at the canter.  She requires an advanced rider to bring out her full potential.



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Listed: 07/04/2014

Listed: 06/01/2015

Applegate Stables

BREED: Morgan cross
DOB: 2007